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Webinar “Environmental and Health Aspects of Particles Technology” , Part 2


In the EU, nanoparticles (NPs) do have a split image: Technology enabler, and Substance of Very High Concern. While the first was the driver for R&D and technological progress, the other is the basis for regulations and restrictions of use. In the second part of the webinar (Friday, July 14th) we will discuss the legal

Webinar “Environmental and Health Aspects of Particles Technology”, Part 1


Webinar “Environmental and Health Aspects of Particles Technology” What you should know about the nano size… The size of particles matters! In addition to occupational exposure, direct human exposures and ambient air pollution are a major concern when discussing health impacts of ultra fine dusts and nanoparticles (NPs). Furthermore, one can swallow fine particles or

Training Course: Advanced Techniques for Surface/Interface Characterization

University of Granada Laboratory of Surface and Interface Physics (LSIP) Faculty of Sciences-Department of Applied Physics, Granada

Hours/student: 8 theory, 12 lab/practice, 2 outreach actions, 2 industry visit Instructors Miguel Ángel Cabrerizo Vílchez (MACV)- Julia Maldonado Valderrama (JMV)- Miguel Ángel Fernández Rodríguez (MAFR)- Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Valverde (MARV)- Francisco Javier Montes Ruiz-Cabello (FJMRC)- Alberto Martín Molina (AMM)- Schon Gabriel Fusco (SGF)-   Theory LF I-