ESR 07: Deposition of nanoparticles during spreading and evaporation of nanofluid drops in the presence of superspreading and non-superspreading trisiloxane surfactants on hydrophobic substrates

To understand the superspreading mechanism by studying drop spreading, evaporation and deposition of nanoparticles. To control the nanoparticles deposition and pattern formation using superspreaders and other surfactants and examining the effect of environmental conditions (temperature and humidity)
Expected Results:
– Experimental data on drop spreading dynamics under action of superspreaders and other surfactants as a comparison (at the premises of EVO, Essen);
– Parameter studies of assembling of nanoparticles and pattern formation in the presence of superspreaders and other surfactants and under controlled environmental conditions (at TUDA);
– Interpretation of experimental results on the basis of model developed by ESR4.