ESR 05: Elongation and breakup of nanosuspension liquid bridges under fast stretching conditions

To understand the behavior of concentrated nanosuspensions and capillary nanosuspensions under the conditions of fast stretching.

Expected Results:
– Experimental results on the evolution of liquid bridge shape for concentrated suspensions and capillary nanosuspensions as a function of stretching rate;
– the apparent rheological properties from the liquid bridge stretching experiment and comparison with the measurement results in WP1 and WP3;
– results on the time instance and dynamics of liquid bridge breakup for concentrated nanosuspensions and capillary nanosuspensions;
– experimental results on dynamics of dewetting

  • Introduction to the project ESR 5

    Stretching of a liquid bridge is governed by inertia and the internal stresses determined by the liquid rheological properties. Some details on the flow, breakup and flow instabilities can be found in our publications [1],[2][3]. The phenomena are very fast and often fascinating.