ESR 12: Formation of porous supraparticles by evaporation of two coalescing drops on a superamphiphobic substrate

Understand the process of coalescence of two drops of aqueous nanosuspension on superamphiphobic surfaces. The drops can have different sizes and contain nanoparticles of different composition, size or shape. Based on fundamental understanding of interaction of the nanoparticles, form complex supraparticles, including Janus or core-shell supraparticles.
Expected Results:
– Video visualizations of coalescence and evaporation of two drops collected by imaging drop shapes and monitoring the local dynamics near the contact line using high speed cameras and confocal microscopy;
– Formation of supraparticles of complex porous structure (containing substructures on the length scale larger than a nanoparticle but smaller than the drop diameter) by controlling the (different) charges of nanoparticles and pH in drops;
– Characterization of the porous structure of nanoparticles by SEM
and mechanical stability by a nanoindentor; measuring adhesion of individual supraparticles on substrates; test the functions of supraparticles, e.g. catalytic activity.