ESR 14: Development of solid foams with tailored structured and functional properties

To develop solid foams with tailored structural and functional properties from particle-stabilised liquid foams, in particular based on multicomponent Nanoparticle (NP) dispersions. To incorporate smart functionalities in these solid foams. To investigate the relations between interfacial and bulk properties of the precursor NP dispersions and the features of the solid foams, such as morphology, porosity, mechanical properties and functionality. To optimise the processing steps of solid foams towards greener production methods (e.g. lower
processing temperatures).

Expected Results:
– Development and characterization of dispersions, protocols for processing of solid foams with enhanced functionalities;
– Solid foams with smart functionalities, such as graduated porosities and wettability, stimuli responsive features.
– Increase of the general knowledge on interfacial properties of NP-surfactant dispersions, in particular as related to multicomponent systems. Specific NPs
formulations will be agreed with other members of the consortium (KU Leuven, MPIP, HUJI, Photocentric) to compare the features of the obtained porous materials